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Recent SIMAX papers

The SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications publishes research articles in matrix analysis and its applications and papers of interest to the numerical linear algebra community.

5 Apr

A Lanczos Method for Large-Scale Extreme Lorentz Eigenvalue Problems
Lei-Hong Zhang, Chungen Shen, Wei Hong Yang and Joaquim J. Júdice

3 Apr

Structural Convergence Results for Approximation of Dominant Subspaces from Block Krylov Spaces
Petros Drineas, Ilse C. F. Ipsen, Eugenia-Maria Kontopoulou and Malik Magdon-Ismail

29 Mar

Low-Rank Updates of Matrix Functions
Bernhard Beckermann, Daniel Kressner and Marcel Schweitzer

A Geometric Approach to Dynamical Model Order Reduction
Florian Feppon and Pierre F. J. Lermusiaux

15 Mar

Multiprecision Algorithms for Computing the Matrix Logarithm
Massimiliano Fasi and Nicholas J. Higham

13 Mar

Desingularization of Bounded-Rank Matrix Sets
Valentin Khrulkov and Ivan Oseledets