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The SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications publishes research articles in matrix analysis and its applications and papers of interest to the numerical linear algebra community.

12 Jun

5 Jun

On GMRES for Singular EP and GP Systems
Keiichi Morikuni and Miroslav Rozložník

24 May

On the Analysis of Block Smoothers for Saddle Point Problems
Daniel Drzisga, Lorenz John, Ulrich Rüde, Barbara Wohlmuth and Walter Zulehner

Improved Bounds for Small-Sample Estimation
Serge Gratton and David Titley-Peloquin

Iterative Methods for Double Saddle Point Systems
Fatemeh Panjeh Ali Beik and Michele Benzi

22 May

A Practical Randomized CP Tensor Decomposition
Casey Battaglino, Grey Ballard and Tamara G. Kolda