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The SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications publishes research articles in matrix analysis and its applications and papers of interest to the numerical linear algebra community.

11 Oct

27 Sep

25 Sep

ESPRIT for Multidimensional General Grids
Fredrik Andersson and Marcus Carlsson

Solving Polynomial Systems via Truncated Normal Forms
Simon Telen, Bernard Mourrain and Marc Van Barel

20 Sep

Space-Time FE-DG Discretization of the Anisotropic Diffusion Equation in Any Dimension: The Spectral Symbol
Pietro Benedusi, Carlo Garoni, Rolf Krause, Xiaozhou Li and Stefano Serra-Capizzano

13 Sep

On an Eigenvector-Dependent Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem
Yunfeng Cai, Lei-Hong Zhang, Zhaojun Bai and Ren-Cang Li

30 Aug