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The Fifteenth Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods

Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA, March 25-30, 2018.

The Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods, held every other year, is the premiere conference on all aspects of iterative solution methods and their applications. The meeting is organized in cooperation with SIAM.

Highlighted topics for the 2018 meeting are:

  • AMG for nonsymmetric systems
  • Asynchronous iterative solvers
  • Eigenvalue and singular value methods and applications
  • Inverse problems, regularization
  • Iterative methods in applications (earth systems, energy, fluids, electromagnetics, imaging)
  • Iterative solvers at extreme scale and on high concurrency node architectures
  • Iterative solvers for matrix equations
  • Iterative solvers in data science and engineering
  • Optimization of Complex Problems/Systems (PDE-constrained optimization, optimization under uncertainty, and uncertainty, and simulation-based optimization)
  • Nonlinear solvers
  • Randomized iterative solvers and preconditioners
  • Rank-structured solvers and preconditioners
  • Robust and scalable iterative solution of couple multi-physics problems
  • Solvers for indefinite systems
  • Surrogate modeling/model reduction
  • Uncertainty quantification/PDEs with random data

Important Deadlines:

Student competition papers: January 10, 2018

Author abstracts: January 15, 2018

Early registration: January 19, 2018

Lodging: Please reserve early as rooms are limited (we recommend booking no later than February 21 as any unclaimed rooms will be released after that date)

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