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SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics sponsors Activity Groups to provide a more focused forum for members interested in exploring one of the areas of applied mathematics, computational science, or applications. The SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra (SIAG/LA) promotes research in linear algebra and its applications. The group organizes conferences and supports smaller, less formal meetings as requested by the membership. Additionally, the group sponsors two prizes.

A month in linear algebra

Nov 7, 2014 • David Bindel

Several conferences of possible interest to SIAG-LA members were announced this month on the SIAG-LA digest and NA-digest, including:

SIAG/LA outreach

Nov 6, 2014 • David Bindel

Since the start of 2012, postings to the SIAG-LA mailing list have been distributed in a SIAG-LA digest at the start of each month. These postings consist primarily of conference announcements and job listings, as is the case on most of the SIAG mailing lists. As a method of communication with SIAG members, this may be adequate, but it is hardly inspiring. In the October 2014 SIAG-LA digest, I wrote to request feedback from SIAG-LA members regarding ways in which SIAG-LA might better facilitate interactions between members or with the larger SIAM community (or beyond).

Hans Schneider: 1927-2014

Nov 3, 2014 • David Bindel

Hans Schneider passed away at the age of 87 on October 8, 2014. Schneider, the J. J. Sylvester Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, devoted much of his academic career to matrix theory. His own last words are posted at his web site, and a memorial page has been created on the ILAS web site.