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Registration is now open for the International Conference on Preconditioning Techniques for Scientific and Industrial Applications. This conference is a sequel to nine successful meetings on preconditioning (one every two years), which address complex issues related to the solution of general sparse matrix problems in large-scale applications and in industrial settings. The goal of the conference is to exchange ideas on recent developments in preconditioning techniques for sparse linear systems of equations, and to a lesser extent for eigenvalue problems. A forthcoming announcement will provide details on focus areas and paper submission.

Important dates:

Minimposium proposals: April 30, 2017
Contributed talks and posters: May 31, 2017

Confirmed plenary speakers:

Michele Benzi, Emory University, USA
Jed Brown, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Jie Chen, IBM Research Center, USA
Eric Darve, Stanford University, USA
Tom Jonshovel, Schlumberger Abingdon Technology Centre, UK
Alison Ramage, Strathclyde University, UK
Sander Rhebergen, University of Waterloo, Canada
Nicole Spillane, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Travel support

We are happy to inform participants that funding (NSF) is now available to support travel of junior U.S. participants to the meeting. Restrictions apply and they are as follows: You must be US permanent resident or citizen, and a junior researcher (defined as someone who received the PhD less than 6 years before the conference) and you must have no current funding from NSF. To apply please send a cover letter to [email protected] which certifies that you are eligible to receive an award according to the rules stated above. Include a recent CV, the name of someone we can contact for a recommendation letter, and, if you are presenting a paper or poster, the title and abstract of your presentation.

Conference chairs:

Chen Greif, University of British Columbia
Esmond Ng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Yousef Saad, University of Minnesota
Andy Wathen, Oxford University

Scientific committee:

Zhong-Zhi Bai, Chinese Academy of Science, China
Edmond Chow, Georgia Tech, USA
Howard Elman, University of Maryland, USA
Martin Gander, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Scott MacLachlan, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Jennifer Pestana, University of Strathclyde, UK
Wil Schilders, Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands
Daniel Szyld, Temple University, USA
Raymond Tuminaro, Sandia National Lab, USA
Kees Vuik, Technical University of Delft, Nethelands