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Domain Decompositions for PDEs

Halifax, NS, Canada, August 4-8, 2015.

The use of computational methods to treat mathematical models in science and engineering is widespread. Such models often involve PDEs, and the efficiency of these algorithms on modern high performance computing systems relies on the ability to parallelize the computations. The aim of this workshop is to provide an introduction to the state of the art in theory and practical applications of domain decomposition (DD) methods for PDEs.

The program will begin with a two-day short course given by Prof. Martin Gander (Geneva). Prof. Gander is an internationally recognized leading expert in Schwarz methods - a class of DD methods for steady state and time dependent PDEs. The middle component of the program will focus on presentations by researchers whose work may benefit from the use of DD methods for PDEs arising as mathematical models in practical applications. The final segment of the program will feature a workshop format in which breakout teams will investigate the process of introducing DD techniques into the numerical simulations that arise in the applications identified earlier.

Confirmed DD experts include David Keyes (KAUST), Victorita Dolean (Nice) and Felix Kwok (Hong Kong Baptist).

Some funding for students will be available. More information and registration details will appear shortly at