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Jun 5, 2017 • Jen Pestana

As conference season gets into full swing, we hope to see many of you in the coming months!


Preconditioning 2017 conference in Vancouver, Canada - Travel funding

We are happy to inform participants that funding (NSF) is now available to support travel of junior U.S. participants to the preconditioning-2017 conference, July 31-August 2, 2017 Vancouver, Canada (see

Restrictions apply and they are as follows: You must be US permanent resident or citizen, and a junior researcher (defined as someone who received the PhD less than 6 years before the conference) and you must have no current funding from NSF. To apply please send a cover letter to [email protected] which certifies that you are eligible to receive an award according to the rules stated above. Include a recent CV, the name of someone we can contact for a recommendation letter, and, if you are presenting a paper or poster, the title and abstract of your presentation.

S3PM-2017 in Berkeley, CA - Travel funding

Travel funding is available for eligible early-career participants of S3PM-2017: the International Convention on Shape, Solid, Structure, and Physical Modeling, June 19-23, Berkeley, CA, USA:

The NSF has provided generous funding (final processing approved) to support registration and travel for a number of students enrolled in US educational institutions (including domestic and international student); or US persons (i.e., citizens of lawful permanent residents) who are graduate students in universities outside of the US. Applications from women and under-represented minorities are particularly encouraged. Click here to apply now!

Sparse Days

The annual Sparse Days meeting will be held at CERFACS in Toulouse on 7th and 8th September 2017 although (see below) it might be extended to start on 6th September.

Registration is free but we ask people who are coming to register now so we can judge numbers to see whether the extra day is needed and how large a lecture room we will need. The reason for this is that much preliminary interest has been shown because the meeting will inter alia celebrate a significant birthday of Professor Iain Duff, who was Project Leader of the Parallel Algorithms Team from its inception in 1987 until 2010 and is still a consultant to the Team.

You should register before July 16th by completing the online form: (English), or (French) indicating whether you want to give a talk. We will not have any parallel sessions hence the need to know this when planning the schedule. Although an emphasis will be on parallel aspects, any talk that has an association with sparsity is welcome. The length for a talk plus questions is 30 minutes.

Information on accommodation can be found on the web page and a limited amount of free on site accommodation should be available for students. Students wanting to apply for this accommodation should contact Brigitte Yzel on [email protected].

A celebratory conference dinner will be held on Thursday September 7th that will hopefully be heavily subsidised, especially for students.

Postdoc in matrix computations & fault tolerance at Purdue University

We are looking for a full time postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Science Department at Purdue to work on a new class of algorithms in numerical linear algebra that are robust to faults and failures in distributed systems and the next generation of exascale machines.

An ideal candidate will have expertise and experience in:

  • matrix computations and sparse matrix computations, with some background on the convergence theory of stationary algorithms or Krylov methods
  • distributed and large scale implementations of matrix computations in engineering applications, such as linear system solvers, eigenvalue computations, and advanced matrix-based data analytics (e.g. PCA, clustering, etc.)

We will consider exceptional candidates with experience in only one of these areas who wish to develop expertise in the other area. The postdoctoral advisors are David Gleich & Ananth Grama.

Please send application materials to [email protected]

Materials should consist of:

  • A 1-2 paragraph introduction explaining why you want the position.
  • A standard CV with your publications highlighted.
  • Two to four people who could provide references.
  • (Optional, but encouraged) an annotated CV explaining your specific contribution to 1-3 publications on your CV in 1-2 paragraphs each. Highlight the intellectual depth and engineering efforts in your work.

Applications will be screened immediately upon receipt and will be accepted until the position has been filled. The starting date for the postdoc is negotiable, but no later than Fall 2017. This information can be easily shared through the web-page

Submissions for next SIAM-LA digest

The next SIAM-LA Digest is due to be sent out on Jul 03, 2017. Please send any postings for the next Digest to siam-la at Only SIAG/LA members may submit postings. To contact the list owner, send an email to siam-la-owner at